Warranty Inquiry


1. Once the construction is completed, please ask the construction store for an electronic warranty in time. From the effective date of the electronic warranty, the constructed vehicle can enjoy the service of ClearPro according to the official warranty.
2. Warranty includes no degumming, no cracking, no bubbling (the edge of the PPF wasn't caused by the water gun), no delamination, no yellowing, no matting, and no hydrolysis (non-localized corrosion). This warranty does not cover wear and tear of the product caused by external forces, external corrosion of the product, accidental collision, or any form of intentional damage to the product.
3. The warranty is only available for the vehicle with original car paint. The vehicles that paint for a second time or of non-OEM parts needs to be constructed under a qualified professional PPF installation store. And the spray paint impact caused after the PPF construction will not belong to the scope of the above warranty.

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PPF Using Precautions:

1. After the PPF construction, please avoid washing the car at least for a week to ensure that the adhesive produces the best bond with the paint;
2. You shall avoid using a high-pressure water gun to rinse the edge of the film while washing your vehicle;
3. You shall avoid using brushes or corrosive chemicals while washing your vehicle;
4. You shall avoid scraping or scrubbing the PPF surface by hard objects for the overall effect of vehicle construction;
5. The constructed vehicle routine care for its PPF quarterly is recommended;
6. Polishing the PPF surface is not recommended after the construction;
7. If the vehicle’s PPF surface encountered acid rain, bird droppings, insect glue, gum, or oil stains, it must be dealt with as soon as possible. If the corrosive substances remain for a long time without treatment, the vehicle film surface will be damaged easily, which will affect the use of the product;
8. If the constructed vehicle is used as a wedding car, do not stick the suction cups directly on the vehicle surface; wedding car ribbons, firecrackers, and fireworks can easily cause the vehicle surface stain, which must be cleaned within 12 hours for vehicle maintenance.